Think Snow

It Was Not All That Long Ago When:



--A good number of people in North America (almost 275) knew how to parallel park correctly.

--The president of the United States didn't call women names, at least in public.

--Drivers in cars paid attention to the road, a task performed with the head up, not down, a give away these days that some nitwit is driving and texting. There sure are a ton of nitwits in this country now. 

--A small paper in Montana did not print on its front page a Fact Check column after the president of the United States made a speech in the state. 

--The New York City metropolitan area had at least one professional football team (talking American football here) that was occasionally fun to watch.

--Members of the U.S. Cabinet were not ridiculed in public by the president of the United States. 

--The listed price for a trip on an airplane entitled you to a seat.  Now when you book tickets on some airlines there's an added charge for a seat. Could you bring your own chair on board to save on expenses?

--It was dictators who called the press "the enemy of the people," not a freely-elected president of the United States. 

--Most drivers made sure they only took up one parking space on the street or in a lot by parking between the lines. 

--Delegates at the United Nations didn’t laugh when the president of the United States spoke to them. And young children didn't roll their eyes or laugh when the president’s name was mentioned. Nor, in the same circumstances, did they say, “Mommy, Daddy is yelling at the TV again.”