Think Snow

Senate Majority Leader McConnell


     Dear Senator McConnell,

     I want to tell my two younger grandchildren about you and your long career in Washington and hope you will be kind enough to suggest two or three things you would like to be known for.

     What should they be?

     That you have always spoken out publicly every time President Trump attacked a member of Congress whether that member was living or dead?

     That when President Trump incorrectly claimed that the Mueller Report concluded there was no obstruction of justice on his part you spoke out publicly that this was not true?

     That prior to the 2016 elections you refused to sign a joint statement with other Congressional leaders about the threat Russian interference was posing to our electoral process?

     Your concern for the well-being of the United States when you said the priority of the GOP was to make sure Barrack Obama was a one-term president?

     Your tireless work in drafting a comprehensive Republican bill that would replace Obamacare?

     Your respect for the judiciary exemplified in your treatment of the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland?

     That you were among the Republican senators who advocated for the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change?

     After approval of President Trump’s tax cuts for the rich, you called for reducing spending on entitlements? 

     That if John F. Kennedy were writing “Profiles in Courage” today you would be among those at the top of his list?

     That you are blocking any Senate consideration of a bill to help state and local government strengthen safeguards on election security?

     If you are kind enough to respond, I promise I will not tell the kids your first name is Addison. What a doozy that is, huh? Just for the heck of it I checked on Mitch Miller, and he was a real Mitch. He didn’t have to skip to his middle name to remain sane.  

     What a guy that Mitch was. I could listen to “Yellow Rose of Texas” all day. Does your home state Kentucky have such a song, “Yellow Rose of Kentucky?” 


     Larry McCoy