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Yes, clicking on is a quick way to buy a book but buying directly from the author means you get an autographed copy that allows you to tell friends, “You know the country is going to hell if this clown has a book published.”

I have a crunched up signature, so small that, if you’re embarrassed to know me, friends flipping through “Did I Really Change My Underwear Every Day?” might not even notice the scribbling. It’s a book about aging, a hard sell because of course you don’t know a soul who is getting older. I tried to have some fun with the subject. I’m asking $15 for autographed copies.

Use the Contact Us section at the bottom of the Home Page to send me your name, address, and the name of the person you want written in the book. Click on the Pay Pal button to send money or, if you want to pay by check, include that in your comments and I’ll respond with my address.


I also wrote a book about my 45 years in newsrooms in Chicago, Munich and New York. I’m biased, but I’m unaware of many books that discuss the Apple Throwing Champion of Bavaria (Indoor Division) and how to write a letter to your boss’s boss when your letter to the boss has produced no results. I’m asking $25 for autographed copies of “Everyone Needs an Editor (Some of Us More Than Others).”

Buying either book means you will receive a copy of an essay that won’t appear anywhere else: Deli Talk: Ten Things To Say at the Deli To Make The Staff Love You.”

In 2019 a new book of mine will be published by Covenant Books, “Grandma Told Me Never To Believe Anything Grandpa Says.” I have four grandkids, ranging in age from nearly 30 to 11, and the sooner this work is published the sooner they can sue me.